We, IPD Architecture, have a considerably broad area of work in architecture and interior architecture, from hospitals to housing, restaurants, stores, sports complexes, and hotels. We are the solution partner for many projects thanks to our long term relationships with our customers. While offering special designs by specifying personal and corporate oriented identities, we constantly keep track of sectorial trends. We offer aesthetics and comfort together, by creating designs special to the taste and spatial needs of the persons and institutions we work with. We increase functionality and productivity with the best planning, and our aesthetic understanding is reflected on the habitable spaces we create.

Main Principles

• Creating innovative and unique designs by following the latest trends in the sector
• Delivering the work within the planned time by prioritizing quality in application and control services
• Adopting an aware, competent, and responsible sense of work in all phases
• Prioritizing customer satisfaction by following completed projects


Our Team

Our Team, who combines creative ideas with experience, develops projects that give particular importance to aesthetics, functionality, and productivity, in line with the needs of the customers.


— Our Services

• Architectural Consultancy and Supervision
• Project Management
• Planning – Construction
• Design and Application
• Modification
• Renovation
• Restoration
• Interior Design Packages
• Selection and provision of furniture, fabric, and accessories
• Lightning selection and provision of illumination materials


— Our Fields of Service

• Hotels
• Housing
• Offices
• Stores
• Entertainment
• Restaurants
• Social Spaces
• Sport Complexes
• Health Facilities
• Factories
• Fair Stands